Wednesday, May 19, 2010

kau paham tak!

Kau faham apa yang aku faham? hentam saja la labu.......................

Petikan 1

In the UK we have to pay an annual road tax for every car we own, this then allows us to legally (if the car has an MOT certificate and you are insured) to drive on British roads.
Once a car is three years old it has to be tested each year to ensure that it is in a roadworthy condition, if it is an MOT certificate is issued: to obtain a road tax disc the MOT certificate must be valid.

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Here in the U.S., taxes vary from state-to-state. For instance, in my state, there is a personal property tax that must be paid on all vehicles, boats, homes and any other large "luxury" items. We also must have the vehicle inspected annually, no matter its age. We also must have our vehicle registered with the Division of Motor Vehicles and in the county in which we live. Basically, owning a car, by the time you sell it, costs more than actually buying the thing!

Each registration (state, county) requires a payment (welcome to American "freedom"), of course. Inspections are not free and you can be ticketed and your car impounded for not having the proper inspection done. You must also have insurance coverage. Oh yeah, did I mention tolls? Many roads have a toll associated with them. Some are as little as 5 cents (.02 pounds), others as much as $20 dollars (9.93 pounds).Again, this varies from state-to-state. In some states, it is not a requirement to have insurance, in others, emissions ratings are policed more than actual crime.

Petikan 3

This is the Malaysia road tax rates, which made with effective from 1st January 2007. Road tax rates have been lowered by amounts in between 0.6% to 33%. Although it’s a difference of only MYR10 to MYR20 but it at least can help to reduce citizen financial burden. Hopefully that the government can propose new road tax rates in the 2009 Budget.

The following table illustrates the road tax structure of vehicles that running on petrol & diesel for Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak:

Engine Capacity (cc) Current New
<> RM30 RM20
1001 – 1200 RM65 to RM80 RM55
1201 – 1400 RM80.10 to RM100 RM70
1401 – 1600 RM100.10 to RM127.50 RM90
1601 – 1800 RM255.35 to RM325 RM200.40 to RM280
1801 – 2000 RM325.35 to RM395 RM280.50 to RM380
2001 – 2500 RM396 to RM895 RM381 to RM880
2501 – 3000 RM897.50 to RM2145 RM882.50 to RM2130
3001 – 5000 RM2149.50 to RM11145 RM2134.50 to RM11130

The following table illustrates the new road tax structure for the Peninsular Malaysia for vehicles that run on diesel:

Engine Capacity (cc) Current New
<> RM30 RM20
1001 – 1200 RM130.30 to RM190 RM130
1201 – 1400 RM190.40 to RM270 RM140
1401 – 1600 RM270.40 to RM380 RM180
1601 – 1800 RM456.84 to RM624 RM400.80 to RM560
1801 – 2000 RM624.84 to RM792 RM561.10 to RM780
2001 – 2500 RM794.40 to RM1992 RM782.20 to RM1880
2501 – 3000 RM1998 to RM4992 RM1886 to RM4880
3001 – 5000 RM5002 to RM26592 RM4890.80 to RM26480

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